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Wind Power


Wind energy is a special form of the air's kinetic energy caused by solar radiation on the earth's surface. About 4500 years ago the Babylonians were the first to construct a machine, windmill, that converted the wind into mechanical energy; in their case for pumping water. Modern wind power converters are coupled to electric generators with peak powers of up to 5 million Watts (5 Megawatt). This technology promises to deliver a significant part of mankind's energy demand. Build your own little wind-powered generator:

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Wind.Power WindPowerKit
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WindPowerKit - Wind powered Dynamo - Kit

The StormyKit combines an electric generator with the classic design of rotor-vane anemometer with hemispherical cups. The rotor has four arms each with a half-ball vane at the end. The supporting structure for the drive shaft and the gear-generator assembly is made of three Plexiglas plates. The gearwheel ratio drives the electric generator - a 24 V direct current motor - 7 times faster than the rotor. Depending on the wind's speed, the generator will produce a current of 20-100 mA at 3-5 Volts. The StormyKit allows you to carry out your own experiments using and measuring the power output under different conditions and driving suitable small low voltage devices. The assembly of the kit requires common hand-tools and a set of twist drills (3, 4, 6, 11, 13 mm). The kit includes detailed assembly instructions.
Dimensions: assembled height 230 mm / rotor diameter 600 mm
Wind.Power WindTrainer
Wind.Power WindTrainer
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WindTrainer - Wind Power Experimental Kit

The available experimental materials allow the carrying out of all basic experiments in the field of windenergy. The materials are arranged clearly and optically attractive in a specific white suitcase. Everything is always completely at hand, extra material is not necessary. The experiments can be fast built up and removed. An instruction manual with a large variety of experiments and a separat documentation of the related solutions are included (English language). So this kit is highly suitable for classroom experiments in schools: The pupils are able to carry out the experiments by themselves with help of of the easily understandable experimentation instruction. The teacher gets further informations to solve the exercises and to understand the physics.

List of experiments:
  • Measuring of the wind force in the vicinity of the school
  • Measuring of the wind force of the wind machine dending from the adjustement of the control knob
  • Power output of the generator depending from the shape of the wing (even / curved)
  • Power output of the generator depending from the number of wings (2,3,4)
  • Power output of the generator depending from the position (angle) of the wing
  • Characteristic curve of a generator ( U/I ) at constant speed
  • Characteristic curve of a generator ( U/I )
  • Measuring the resistance-and buoyancy rotor at constant wind force
  • Power output of the generator depending from the wind force
  • Charge of an akku/Gold Cap with the generator
  • Discharge an akku/Gold Cap with different loads

Set of equipment supplied:
  • Specific white suitcase with shaped part made of foam plastic
  • Basic board with place to put the experimental boxes und multimeters
  • Wind machine with controllable power supply
  • Wind power plant with with axial rotor, generator without gear, with tacho generator, hub for mounting 2, 3, and 4 wings, angle of the wings adjustable
  • 4 wings even, 4 wings curved
  • Protection cover, wind shield, tool
  • 2 multimeters with 2 mm connectors
  • Anemometer
  • Load box with electric motor and light bulb
  • Storage box with NC accumulator and
  • GoldCap and blocking diode
  • Measuring box with variable resistor
  • Experimental instruction and exercises / documentation for teacher
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